[Video] Choo Choo Shimmy with Rachel Brice

The Choo Choo Shimmy is a super fun, cardio packed shimmy used in belly dance! In less than five minutes, Rachel Brice will teach you the basics of the Choo Choo Shimmy and you’ll get a chance to drill the movement.

This Choo Choo Shimmy Video is brought to you by Rachel Brice.

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I’m gonna briefly touch on the choo choo shimmy.


The choo choo shimmy is done on the balls of the feet. Make sure that you don’t roll out to the outside of the foot. You want the energy to go down the line and inside line of the leg, down into the root of the big toe. And when you first start to do a choo choo shimmy, at full speed, at least this is how it was for me, I felt like like this (running).


You don’t have to do that, if you don’t want to. What happens is, you feel crazy for a while… and then teachers tried to give me feedback and it just didn’t work. None of it made sense. Basically this is one of those things that you just have to do and your body will figure it out.


So you start, on the balls of the feet, doing hip work on the up.


This is more relaxed and released than like a hip lock. This is mostly driven by the legs. So your job here is actually just gonna be to relax. Then we’re gonna go right-left, right-left, right-left, right-left, right-left. Frame the hips however you want.


The most important thing is that there’s nothing competing with the hips, on this, for attention. Then we’re gonna double and so this is where you relax.


One part that is active is… your lowest low belly is active and your spine. The muscles around the spine are active but you’re just shoulders are down. One team in place. Okay, that’s good and relax so this one takes a little stamina building. I recommend you try it for one or two counts of 8. Or one cycles of 8 and then three or four cycles of 8. And then maybe up to a minute just so to to build your strength and stamina with that one. And that’s the choo choo shimmy.


This Choo Choo Shimmy Video is brought to you by Rachel Brice.

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